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    Species                             Male         Female
    Humans                               02              03
    Werebear                             03              01
    Werecat                               03              02
    Werefox                               00              00
    Werewolf                              02              02
    Total                                    10              8
    Packs                               Male         Female
    Lunar Titan Pack                   06              04
    Welcome to Cape Haven, a sleepy little town tucked away on the Massachusetts peninsula! Like many New England towns, it sees its fair share of sun and snow. Unlike most, it's got an large population of werecreatures roaming about its streets. Between the local university and the picturesque view, all sorts of folks are drawn into the warm embrace of Cape Haven. The question is, what are they? Better yet, what are you?

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 the plot -- !
 Posted: Sep 2 2013, 12:13 AM
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the plot

Welcome to Cape Haven, Massachusetts, a sleepy little coastal town tucked away on the shores of the Atlantic, where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. In summer the shore is crowded with tourists while winter has the locals outnumbering those visiting. With the town of Linnfield only fifteen minutes away and Boston just under two hours, there is always something to do or someplace to see.

All is not as it seems in Cape Haven, however. Everyone has secrets. In a world where werecreatures exist, it's hard to tell who's human and who changes with the moon. This small town has its fair share of the supernatural. Packs of werewolves lurk in the woods while werecats lounge in the trees. Werebears and foxes hold ordinary jobs, working down at the docks, in the schools, or even in the hospitals. Shifters are as abundant as the human population, and the only thing that sets a werecreature apart from an ordinary human is that their inner nature has been unlocked.

They say it all started with a chalice, a gilded cup of untold power. Used properly, the chalice would reveal your true nature, an inner power of untamed wilds. Perhaps you are independent and clever like a fox or share the strong, nurturing soul of a bear? Maybe you are loyal and intuitive like a wolf or as charismatic and curious as a cat? Whichever spirit lies within, it always has the potential to be unlocked. All it takes is one sip.

Of course, it is unknown whether this cup of gods has ever truly existed. There are journals and documents boasting claims of a cup that could fit the description of the chalice of legend. It has been decades since one of these accounts has surfaced, though. The stories have begun fading into myth once again. Now the fastest way to unlock that true power is to be born with it or to be bitten by someone whose spirit has already been unlocked, as it is claimed that one bite from a werecreature will bring out your own inner beast.

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