June 13, 2014
    Hey guys! The activity check is officially over. Any accounts that did not reply have been deleted. Thank you all for checking in and staying active! Also just a heads up, in case you missed it. We've added some new information to the JUNE ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD so be sure to check it out. ^.^

    June 05, 2014
    Happy two month Chaliceversary! Chalice is officially two months old! In honor of this milestone, we've got some cool stuff going on. You can get the rundown in our ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD! First and foremost, if you haven't already we encourage you all to enter the CAPTION CONTEST! The deadline for submissions has been extended. Secondly, we are running our first ACTIVITY CHECK! Please reply in order to save your characters. Accounts not accounted for will be deleted at the end of the check. Finally, we've introduced a new sub-plot feature to the site known as the DEVILS PIT. It is an illegal shifter fight ring set on the shore of Boston.

    May 15, 2014
    First and foremost, Chalice 2.0 reached its one month anniversary on May 5th! We would love to thank all of our fabulous members for making the last month as awesome as it possibly could have been! <3 Secondly, we are having a CAPTION CONTEST [click!]! With the college semester wrapping up we thought we'd give you guys a fun break from all the stress. Submissions are open until May 31st and voting will begin on June 1st.

    April 5, 2014
    Chalice 2.0 is now officially open! Your admins would like to give a warm welcome to those of you who are new to the site, as well as those who may be returning. A few things have been tweaked, so be sure to read up on all the important information before registering. Also be sure to say hello in the cbox, or just ask any questions you may have. We can't wait to get started!

    March 27, 2014
    We are proud to announce that Chalice is undergoing renovations! Should everything go according to plan, we plan to reopen sometime in April or May! Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements to come! Here's to the future, Chalice 2.0!

    January 24, 2014
    Chalice closed due to the struggles of real life for both admins.

    September 05, 2013
    It is with great pride and pleasure that we finally declare Chalice 1.0 to be open to the public! Welcome welcome one and all! After several months of hard work and dedication, the building process is finally complete. Have yourselves a look around, pop into the cbox and say hi, and most importantly, have fun. We look forward to meeting all the new faces and hope you come to love the site as much as we do. <3
    Species                             Male         Female
    Humans                               02              03
    Werebear                             03              01
    Werecat                               03              02
    Werefox                               00              00
    Werewolf                              02              02
    Total                                    10              8
    Packs                               Male         Female
    Lunar Titan Pack                   06              04
    Welcome to Cape Haven, a sleepy little town tucked away on the Massachusetts peninsula! Like many New England towns, it sees its fair share of sun and snow. Unlike most, it's got an large population of werecreatures roaming about its streets. Between the local university and the picturesque view, all sorts of folks are drawn into the warm embrace of Cape Haven. The question is, what are they? Better yet, what are you?

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 the faq -- !
 Posted: Sep 2 2013, 12:44 AM
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the faq

My character doesn't fit all the traits of any animal, what do I do?
Each species has a list of ten major traits, five positive and five negative, that define the type of werecreature. While not every werecreature will express every trait for his or her species, at least 40 percent (four) of these traits will feature prominently in the werecreature's personality. At least one of these traits should be negative.
My characters traits are different to the animal I want them to be, can they still be that animal?
A werecreature character should have a minimum of four traits characteristic to the species. They do not have to be dominant traits, but should be included in the character's development. Certain traits may appear across species, but if you are unsure if your character is enough like a certain animal, you may want to consider choosing a different inner spirit.
Can my character be another species? What about sub-species?
Currently we only accept four species of werecreatures. These are bears, cats, foxes, and wolves. Of those four species, we accept most family classifications for each, some of which can be found on their species information page. You can pick any sub-species for your character as well. For example, a brown bear character could shift into a grizzly bear, a syrian brown bear, or one of the other sub-species. More exotic species (such as African Lions or Panda Bears) may be accepted on a per-case basis with admin approval. We may or may not add other werecreature species within the future.
Can I change my characters animal?
Once you have decided upon an animal spirit for your character and your bio has been accepted, you cannot change your character's species.
How long do werecreatures live?
Werecreatures can live up to 200 years old.
Are werecreatures allergic to Silver? What about sterling silver?
As of now, werecreatures have no known species specific allergies to any metals. They can, however, be affected by the usual range of human allergies such as pollens, molds, foods, and various danders. A werecreature will not be allergic to animals of the same species (a werewolf will not have a dog allergy), but they may be allergic to animals of other species.
Do they heal faster?
Werecreatures are mortal and can be killed by human diseases or fatal wounds. Their bodies do possess a somewhat accelerated healing ability but it is not enough to protect against most common causes of death. Open wounds and common ailments such as a cold or flu will heal more quickly but limbs and missing tissue cannot regenerate, diseases such as cancer cannot be cured (beyond current medical advances), and sensory damage such as hearing or vision loss cannot be reversed.
Are they connected to the full moon?
Shifting is dependent upon the stages of the moon for all werecreatures. While shifting can be mastered and occur at will -- a feat that takes both training and experience -- it is more likely for a werecreature to shift on the full moon. Likewise, during the new moon shifting becomes very difficult if not completely impossible for an individual.
Is there a cure?
As of now, there is no known cure to reverse the werecreature transformation. This may or may not change in the future.
What age do werecreatures start shifting?
For born werecreatures, the first shift occurs sometime during puberty (ages 11-18), though there have been cases reported of first shifts occurring as late as the early twenties. If a child does not have a first shift by age twenty-five, it is generally assumed that the child is human. Newly bitten werecreatures do not undergo their first transformation until the rise of the first full moon after the occurrence of the bite.
If my shifter's parents were one animal, can my character still be another?
Purebred werecreatures are those who are born to two werecreatures of the same species and will always be the species of the parents. Crossbred werecreatures are those born to two werecreatures of different species and can be the species of either parent. Humanbred werecreatures are those born to a human and a werecreature and, should the child not be human, it will take on the spirt that best matches the child's personality. The same is true for sub-species.
If my character is bitten, do they take on the same animal as the person who bit them?
The species of the biter has no effect on the outcome of the bitten because the bite will unlock the true inner spirit of the human. As such, the bite of a werebear, werecat, or werefox could ultimately lead to the creation of a werewolf or any of the other species. At the same time, the bite of a werewolf will not automatically result in the bitten person becoming a werewolf.
Does my character have to shift fully or can there be half-tranformations?
Shifting is not an all or none process. It is very possible to get stuck in the middle of a transformation, resulting in the human form looking a little more animalistic than it should. Features such as fangs, claws (on both the hands and feet), eyes, and the muzzle (along with fur growth to a lesser extent) are the ones most often affected when a transformation goes wrong. How long a werecreature remains stuck depends on the phase of the moon and the person's control and it is completely possible to remain stuck in mid-transformation until after the new moon has passed. At the same time, a werecreature also has some control over partial shifting and can manipulate the "stuck" state. This can be painful, especially when multiple features are partially shifted.
Does shifting hurt?
The shift from human to animal form or vice versa is painful. Bones reshape, hair/fur grows, and physical features shrink or elongate depending on the type of transition. Clothes do not survive a transformation. They will stretch and tear as the body remolds itself. Thus, when werecreatures change from their animal form back to their human form, they will be fully nude.
How controlled are they?
Control depends on the age, experience, and bloodline of the werecreature. Older werecreatures have better control than younger ones while born werecreatures have better natural control than those who have been bitten.
Are there any differences between werecreatures and humans when in human form?
Werecreatures looking like ordinary humans when in their human form, though they may possess certain physical appearance traits that reflect their animal spirits.
When in human form do werecreatures have any enhanced abilities?
Each werecreature species has two enhanced abilities while in human form. Werewolves have heightened senses of hearing and smell. Werecats have increased night vision and felxibility. Werebears possess a strong sense of empathy and increased strength. Werefoxes have significant speed and intelligence.
Can werecreatures sense one another while in human form?
To an extent werecreatures have a better chance of figuring out who else might be a shifter than any human does. Werewolves are the best at picking up on who else is a werecreature because of their sense of smell. A werebear's strong sense of empathy also makes it easier to pick up on certain markers that denote a shifter from a human. Foxes are extremely intelligent and can rely on social cues provided they actually observe. Cats are curious and probably aren't too afraid to outright ask if they get suspicious.
Can werecreatures speak in their animal forms?
Yes. Werecreatures have the ability to communicate with other werecreatures telepathically when in animal form. For a more detailed explanation, please read the Communication section of the species guide.
How do pregnancies work with those infected?
Werecreatures can only carry their young while in human form and shifting while pregnant is very dangerous for both the mother and unborn child. For more detailed information, please read the Reproduction section of the species guide.
Can werecreatures of the same gender become mates?
Yes. In order for two werecreatures to become mates, they must have a strong emotional attachment to one another. They must also both be willing to complete the mating ritual. Because of this, gender plays no part in mating. Same-sex couples share the same mating perks as opposite-sex couples. Chalice is a tolerant community open to all relationship types.
How are werecreatures kept secret from the population?
The world knows that werecreatures exist. Whether humans believe in them or not is entirely up to the individual. In the same vein, werecreatures reserve the right to reveal what they are to friends, family, loved ones, and strangers. Some werecreatures are bolder than others when it comes to letting others know what they are. Currently it is believed that secrecy is the safest choice.
Are there werecreatures in other countries?
Yes. Werecreatures exist all over the world. They may have different names or titles (kitsune, skinwalker, or beserker, to name a few) but at their core they are all the same: creatures with the ability to shift between a human and animal form.
Are werecreatures hunted? Is there such a thing as hunters?
Yes and no. Hunters in the traditional sense (gun wielding Elmer Fudd types out to shoot animals for sport) will probably never be a part of Chalice. That doesn't mean they're not out there, in distant lands, seeking revenge and big game prizes. But they are few and far between and do not currently have a place in the sleepy little town of Cape Haven. Should we choose to introduce "hunters" in the future, it will be through a site wide plot and they will have a unique Chalice twist.
What kind of spirit will my born werecreature have?
A child born to two werecreatures of the same spirit will always be born with the same werecreature's spirit inside of them. Example: two werebears will always have a werebear child. A child born of two werecreatures of different spirits will could embody either parent's spirit. Example: the child of a werecat and a werefox could be either a werecat or a werefox, but will not be a human, werebear, or werewolf. A child born with one werecreature parent and one human parent could be any werecreature or human. Example: the child of a werewolf and a human could be a werebear, werecat, werefox, werewolf or human. If a shifter, their spirit will be decided by their personality. In addition, two humans will always have a human child, regardless of any other relatives being werecreatures or not. In depth information on the werecreatures in general can be found here: [click!].
What did I do to be considered inactive?
Any accepted character account not logged into for two weeks or more is considered inactive. Any character account that has not made an in character post in three weeks or more will also be considered inactive. Members who post absence notices are immune to becoming inactive, so long as they pick up their activity once they are back. If either of the above conditions apply to you starting from the date you are stated to return, you will be marked inactive. If you return before the respective activity check and pm either `naliduck or Nicci, we will retrieve your application and threads from the archives. In depth information on the inactive member group and what results after a character is considered inactive can be found here: [click!].
When a werecreature dies in their animal form, do they stay in that form or shift back into a human?
Since werecreatures are influenced by the moon as opposed to controlled by it, their shifting depends on their will and personal levels of control. If a werecreature dies while in their animal form, they wouldn't be able to take control and shift back, so they would remain in said form.

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